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Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Solar Rooftop Scheme, Gujarat


National Solar Mission by Government of India

Overall Target: 

Total 1,00,000 MW power generation target to be set from which 40,000 MW power will be contributed through Solar Rooftop.

Gujarat Government Target:

Gujarat government has been given the target of 8024 MW power generation through Solar Energy by 2021-22. Out of this 3200MW is to be contributed by Solar Rooftop Scheme.

Gujarat government set the target for installations of solar rooftops shall be 2 lac consumers during the year 2019-20. It will be cumulatively increase to 8 lac consumers up to the end of the financial year 2021-22.

Introduction of the Scheme:

Solar Rooftop Scheme in India is one of the Largest Scheme. It is the best initiative to be conducted by Indian Government to tackle the power consumption demand. Its also helps to increase the pollution control. This Plants does not require any large land such as power plants and also reduce the transmission loss of the power and handling of the power. Whole system is like one time investment.

This scheme will be called Surya Urja Rooftop Yojana (SURYA) in Gujarat.

Nodal Agency:

GUVNL (Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited) is the nodal agency for this scheme. Implementation and subsidy distribution shall be carried away through of this scheme Distribution Company (DISCOM) in all over the state.

Administrative Control:

Whole Implementation of this Solar Rooftop Scheme shall be done under the Administrative Control of the Energy and Petrochemical Department of Government of Gujarat.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Solar Penal system is to be installed within the premises of the service connection, either on the ground or on the rooftop.
  • This system is of the ownership of the consumer.
  • The premises of the solar installation is of the ownership of the consumer of the DISCOM or is in the legal possession of the consumer.
  • Solar cells and solar modules deployed in the solar rooftop system shall be manufactured in India. i.e. Solar cells and/or Modules of Non-Indian Origin shall not be eligible for subsidy under this scheme.
  • Only new plant and machinery shall be allowed for installation and shall not be shifted anywhere else.
  • The applicant did not allow to get any benefit from any other Central Government scheme, for the same investment scheme, and if found to have taken benefit from any other Central Government Scheme, the amount of subsidy shall be recovered forthwith.
  • Any of the Commercial, Industrial and other Consumer are not eligible for this scheme subsidy.
  • Any Government or Semi-Government Organisation are not eligible for this scheme subsidy.



Following subsidy will be given by the government.

1 to 3 Kilo Watt - 40%
3 to 10 Kilo Watt - 20%

Evidence Required:

  • Solar System Commissioning Report Signed by Vendor, Beneficiary and DISCOM Officer
  • Bill, Certificate of Payment from Vendor for  the Rooftop Solar System Setup.
  • Setup More than 10 KW : Certificate for Charging Permission by CEI
  • Setup less than 10 KW : Certificate of Electrical Supervisor or Contractor
  • Joint Installation Report which Provides About the Installation Signed by Beneficiary and impanelled Vendor.


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