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Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Braking news:-4200 Gread pay Babat News Report

Braking news:-4200 Gread pay Babat News Report

4200 grade pay news by Dy cm Nitin bhai Patel official News

65 thousand teachers of the state will benefit

More than 1 lakh 90 thousand teachers under the Gujarat Education Department conduct primary education and all these teachers make millions of students study in the primary school. Which is represented by two unions of the state. In which Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union and Second Federation of Primary Education Gujarat State both these unions had discussions with Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama and Vibhavari Ben Dave as per the need of teachers' questions. The government then discussed the chairmanship of the Chief Minister. Accordingly, after completing the administrative process today, the state government has decided to cancel the resolution which was postponed from 16-07-2020. So that the question of giving a salary standard of Rs. 4200 to the teachers has been solved properly. Teachers who used to have a salary scale of Rs 2,800 will now be given a grade pay of Rs 4,200.

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4200 grade pay news
A pay grade is a unit in systems of monetary compensation for employment. It is commonly used in public service, both civil and military, but also for companies of the private sector. Pay grades facilitate the employment process by providing a fixed framework of salary ranges, as opposed to a free negotiation.

The Gujarat government has decided to postpone the notification regarding the reduction in the grade pay of primary teachers in the state, which was made almost a year ago.

Official Press note about 4200 Grade Pay for 2010 Primary Teachers

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4200 grade pay paripatra

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4200 grade pay news by Dy cm Nitin bhai Patel official News
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વીડિયો જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Primary teachers had come to the Satyagraha camp to picket the pending demands including grade pay, but the picket was not held as the police detained them as the collector did not give permission. Police detained about 50 teachers from different places. The grade pay received by primary teachers over the years was abruptly reduced from Rs 4,200 to Rs 2,800. In addition, the state education department has ordered teachers recruited after the year 2010 to get the benefit of low grade pens. The teachers intensified the protest program through social media. After that, a meeting was held with the Deputy Chief Minister of the Teachers Union, Nitin Patel, in which the questions of the teachers were resolved

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