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Friday, 21 August 2020

Gujarat PUC new rate 2020

The largest information for Gujarat drivers has come. The Gujarat Department of Transport has made an essential selection related to the charge of Piusa.
The PUC price of cars has been multiplied in Gujarat. Two-wheeler, three-wheeler and four-wheeler PUC prices have been expanded with the aid of Rs 10.

There are reviews that the Gujarat Department of Transport has extended the charge of PUC. PUC charges for two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers had been elevated by way of Rs 10.

Many choices have been taken via the Gujarat authorities in the hobby of the citizens. So some regulations are being changed. Then Gujarat authorities has extended the fee of PUC of vehicles. The price of PUC certification of all sorts of automobiles has been increased. The charges of PUC have been extended for two wheelers, three wheelers, mild motor cars and medium and heavy vehicles.
In which the price of two wheeler (moped) has been elevated from 20 to 30.
Rates for three-wheelers have been improved from 25 to 60
The fee of mild motor car (four wheeler petrol) has been accelerated from 50 to 80
Rates for medium and heavy cars (including transport cars which include diesel cars) extended from Rs 60 to Rs 100

From now on, the costs have been constant at Rs 30 for two wheelers, Rs 60 for three wheelers and Rs eighty for 4 wheeler mild cars and Rs one hundred for heavy and 4 wheelers. 

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