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Thursday, 4 June 2020


                          AN ESSAY ABOUT CORONA

Coronavirus has caused an uproar in the country and the world.  Many countries have declared lockdown to avoid the spread of corona.  A 21-day nationwide lockdown is also going on in India.  The loss that is happening to the country due to this lockdown is sad but in the meantime some benefits have also come to our notice.  Look ...
The world is troubled by the havoc of Coronavirus.  Be it developed countries like America, Italy or developing countries like India.  All are traumatized in awe of Corona.  Corona has so far taken lives of about 95,000 people in the world.  The fear is that everyone from the village to the cities has been locked down to prevent the spread of corona.  People have stopped coming out of their homes, vehicles have stopped plying on the streets, smoke has stopped coming from factories.  Due to Corona, this emergency break at the speed of the country and the world is causing damage to the economy and life as well, so physically and mentally some people are paying it, especially the children, the elderly and those people.  Who are already struggling with some disease.  This is really sad, but due to this lockdown in India, some benefits have also come out.  Did you notice them?

 Advantages of corona advantages

 Decline in road accident and deaths due to it

 The lockdown has caused a complete braking of traffic in the country.  The movement of all but the essential vehicles on the roads has stopped, after which cases of road accident have completely reduced.  In the normal days where hundreds of road accidents were reported daily and many of them died.  Along with the brakes on the trains, these incidents also broke.  The incidents of road rage are not visible.  Sanjay Gupta, a resident of the township, said that the number of dead bodies coming to the crematorium has fallen drastically.  According to the people living in the ghats of Ayodhya and Banaras, the number of dead bodies is now falling by more than two-thirds compared to before the lockdown.

 Crime incidents have also been close to zero

 People have left their homes in lockdown.  Earlier where you used to hear all the incidents like chain snatching, robbery, assault, gang war, rape and murder daily, after the lockdown these incidents have also come down drastically.  On the first day, you would get news related to it on TV, newspaper or digital platform, but in the last one or two weeks you have hardly received any news about them.  Assistant Professor of a law college in Lucknow, Dr. Meena Mishra, says that the crime rate has become negligible during the lockdown.

 Reduction in the number of people reaching the doctor for treatment

 On a typical day, you may have seen a crowd of patients at every doctor in the street, the intersection or the city, but there has been an unprecedented decrease in the number after the lockdown.  Actually, the shops of street food, chaat-samosa have been closed due to the lockdown.  People have stopped eating fast food, junk food because of not getting out of the house.  Now people are in homes, whoever is eating, eating well and eating pure, due to which they have got relief from problems like food poisoning, stomach ache or gas formation.  People are resorting to home remedies even for minor problems like nasal, cough.  People running to the doctor for every minor problem are also sitting in their homes in peace.  Good health is also benefiting our health.  Akash Tomar, a resident of Moradabad, said the lockdown had a positive impact on people's health.

 Ganga, Yamuna and other rivers have become pollution free.

 If the factories are closed due to the lockdown, then the waste coming out of them is also not going in the rivers at this time.  People coming to the riverside is also stopped, due to which there is a huge reduction in plastic and other waste.  You will remember that PM Modi has created a separate ministry for the Ganges, started the Namami Gange project to clean the Ganges, the budget of thousands of crores was approved but despite all this the question was why Ganga is not clean  .  The situation was similar to Yamuna cleaning in Delhi.  But after the lockdown, the water of the rivers has become so clean and clean that no one would have expected it.  The lockdown was done in just a few days by the work of a separate ministry of PM Modi and the budget of thousands of crores for cleaning Ganga.  It is more or less the same for every rivers of the country, all have become cleaner and cleaner than before.

 People's savings have increased

 Everything is closed if the essential goods shops are left in lockdown.  Certainly the income of many people has also stopped with this.  But if it is kept aside for a while, then the cost of the people has reduced, which is benefiting the middle class people the most.  During the lockdown, services like malls, cinema halls, restaurants, amusement parks have been closed, saving people's money.  It is not that the life of people has stopped due to the shutdown of these services, they are living comfortably because the things necessary for survival are still being provided.  Overall, these things are also in the form of extras in the life of human beings, whose closure did not have any major impact on life, but money is definitely being saved.  Anand Gupta explains that the savings are clearly visible due to the stoppage of wasteful expenditure.

 The air and natural environment became clean and tidy.

 The fumes emanating from the vehicles are closed, the smoke emanating from the factories, after work from home, a large number of ACs are closed in the office, which has a clear effect on the air and our environment.  The air has completely cleared, in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, you used to see such a clear sky very rarely.  At this time you can try to count the twinkling stars in the sky as you used to do in childhood.  From Jalandhar, the mountain ranges of the Himalayas are clearly visible.  The air which had to be installed in big cities like Delhi to keep the air clean, the air has become clean without any special effort at this time.

 People are getting more time for family

 People are not allowed to leave their homes.  There is some problem for those families who live alone in a distant city, but those who live with the family have a bat.  There were many problems such as going to office, getting stuck in traffic on the way, getting exhausted on returning, due to which people were unable to give time even to the family.  Now people are in homes, some people have holiday and some people have work from home.  Being at home, he is now able to spend more time with the family.  Sitting with mother and father and children, watching Ramayana on TV.  The time that people had to remove in ordinary days is very difficult, this time is in the hands of people at this time.

 Growing hands to help others

 Due to work and other busy days, people were not able to pay much attention to the rest of the people around them.  Now, when he is free in a way, he also sees the problems of the people around him.  The good thing is that people are not only looking for these problems but also helping the needy by going ahead.  People are taking care that no one can sleep hungry around us.  One thing is clear from this that people already have a desire for help but there was shortage of time.

 If this pattern is maintained, it will be beneficial in the future as well.
 It is clear that entire life cannot be spent in lockdown.  One has to get out of the lockdown to speed the economy back.  Once it ends, life will start running back on track as before, then the benefits that we are seeing now will also change in a big way.  Once again everyone will join the disaster from which we are feeling good after getting the break.  But the lockdown has already explained that all this is not really as difficult as we believe.  Overall, the positive changes that we have seen and felt during lockdown, if we are able to retain even half of it, then we will definitely get the benefit in future.  Further, if we are able to control the non-essential things, then the problems we face on the environmental level can definitely be avoided.
Loss of corona- Countless people died because of Corona.
Lockdown has caused a lot of loss to the laborers, who used to feed their house from everyday work.  Today, it was very difficult for him to have even one time bread.  There are many laborers who are sleeping hungry.  If someone has suffered the most from the lockdown, it is the workers who work day and night to feed their family.
 The lockdown has caused severe damage to the country's economy.  The factories have to bear heavy losses due to the closure, while the business is also completely stalled.  People have lost their jobs, due to which the problem of unemployment has also arisen.  The country is financially weak due to the lockdown.
 Day and night only news related to Corona is mentally disturbing to people, which is making them negative.  Due to lack of physical exercise and staying at home all day, people are not able to feel healthy.  Children are also feeling irritable by staying home all day, as they are unable to meet with their friends to play outside.  The news of corona virus is disturbing people, due to which many people are also facing problems like depression.
 Epilogue: To prevent the outbreak of the corona virus, the lockdown was announced by the Prime Minister of India to get rid of this infection, because social distance is the only effective way to prevent corona.  This is why the lockdown is being extended.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of all of us that while fully supporting this decision, we fully follow the lockdown and root out this virus.  It is our duty to follow the instructions given by the government with honesty, only then this epidemic can be eradicated.

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