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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Vasti Ganatari Babat Latest Paripatra

Vasti Ganatari Babat Latest Paripatra

According to the above subject, the entire education campaign examines the academic quality of each subject from Std. I to VII. And a unit test is planned to improve its quality.

During the second semester of the current academic year, the unit test of various subjects from Std. The course for this unit test will be from the day of the test to the next week. The GCERT will produce the 
question paper according to the syllabus. It will be delivered in soft copy to the district every Thursday by the Comprehensive Education Campaign. Each district will deliver the softcopy of the BRC to the BRC on the same day. Or copy the hard copy of the question paper per student if the school requires it Of May. For this, the school will be able to borrow its own Composite School Granted. On a day of testing, the school will have to coordinate the district project coordinator at the district level for local monitoring and management to ensure timely and appropriate unit testing. How the TPO at the taluka level will have to do its BRC CRC and BRP. After completing the test, the unit test notebook will be shown to each student's guardian and their signature should also be worked out for re-examination. Will have to.
Question papers of media other than Gujarati which ICDS & M of that district have to receive from their district diet and deliver to soft copy of schools through BRC CRC. Therefore, the standalone test time will be kept from 1 to 5. In Hindi 6-8, the unit of Hindi and Sanskrit subjects should be tested on the same day. Athi grade students will be attached to the first Hindi and Sanskrit, subject to unit test.
Unit Test Guide Unit Testing Approach Understanding. The unit test has been organized to evaluate the quality of classroom teaching work done by teachers of grades 3 through 8 and 3 to 8.

The test is to be covered in the unit. Test the unit for about 60 minutes for about 25 marks set on the date specified in the plan. Will be done. In Hindi, Sanskrit and Hindi subjects will have to take the same test in Classes 6 to 8. In order to maintain harmony, the first Hindi test will be taken and then the culture test. It is also planned to measure teacher and student classroom teaching process through unit testing.

2. The role of district project coordinator female in the unit test. Implementation of the unit test at a specific time according to standard subject and program in each school of each blog and cluster in the district. At least once a week the unit is properly tested by the test teacher Planning vum. Make their data entry within 3 days after the unit test. Deliver school unit softcopy in a timely manner through the BRC CRC Co-ordinator. Role of the unit test.t.p.e.o

Vasti Ganatari Babat Latest Paripatra

Vasti Ganatari Babat Latest Paripatra

Vasti Ganatri ma ketlu Bhaththu malshe te babat Paripatra

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