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Thursday, 14 November 2019

change voice english grammer

change voice english grammer


1) I bought a dictionary yesterday.i gave it to my friend.he kept it for a week.Then he returned it to me.

2) Once the mulla and his wife celebrated their son's birthday.they invited their friends and relatives.friends and relatives praised the child.they gave gifts to the child.

3) My uncle gave me a wrist-watch on my birthday.i showed it to my father gave me a bicycl. i thanked him to with a great respect.

4) I often visit the library. i read news paper and magazines there.i can increase my knowledge through the visit. i often request my friends to visit the library.

5) Atlanta's father left her in a jungle to die.but a boar took care to her. hunters brought up her to avoide marriage she laid down condition.

6) Our principle invited Dr.Raval to our school.he informed the students about various diseases.students asked questions. Dr.Raval answered the questions.

7) My father asked me the reason of my sadness.i told him my confusion about my study. he promised me to help.he advised me to join a good coaching class.

8) Father bought a new flower vase.our maid servant broke it.she threw away the broken mother dismissed her.

9) yesterday my mother bought a new dress for me.she wished me happy birthday. she prepared a delicious food. my father gave me a bicycle as birthday present.

10) Members use the library books.the librarian issue books to the members of the library. the children also visit the library.they do not make noice while being in the library.

11)  We must save trees at any lost.trees have benefited us a lot for ages.they give us life.we must not forget their obligation on us.

12) Krupa thanked me for my kindness.she invited me to have a coffee at her home.i rejected her offer because i was busy.i promised her to visit her house on next sunday.

13) My parents love me.they take care of me.they help me in my study.they solve my difficulties.

14) A king built this palace in 16th century.we do not know the name of the is said that he had killed all the workers who contributed in the had taken 12 years in building it.

15) i was driving my scooter. the police inspector stopped me at the cross-road.he fined me Rs.50 as i has no license. i requested him to pardon.

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