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Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Abandaoned bags deepen mystery of migrants headed to new zealand

Abandaoned bags deepen mystery of migrants headed to new zealand

on january 11,the kerala police took custody of over 50 abandoned bags near the kodungallur temple in thrissur district.they kept it at a control out post,assuming they belonged to ayyappa devotees. but  the next day, when police stumbled upon many more bags at the munambam harbour near kochi,the mystery deepened.they now fea that the bags with clothes,id proofs and other documents belonged to 230 people, who allegedly set sail from the kerala coast to new zealand in a boat so packed that many of them had to leave their luggage behind.police sources confirmed that while the boat left from munambam harbour in the early hours of jamuary 12,the fate of the passengers on board,among them over a hundred women,children and the elderly mostly from delhi and tamilnadu remains uncertain.on saturday,the kerala police arrested prabhu,a 29 year old tamil youth who lives in Dr ambedkar nagar colony in south delhi,for his alleged conection with the kingpins of the illegal migration racket srikanth,the owner of the boat,

ravindra and shantha kumar while all three remain at large ,prabhu,who was brought to kochi,is being interrogated by a team of officers,said a top police officer investigating the case.investigators say that their preliminary probe suggests that the boat,deva matha,was packed to capacity,with people on board as well as in the hull and middle deck . however around 19 people failed to board the boat on january 12.''we are investigating some of them''.said a senior officer associated with the probe.multiple sources said prabhu.who is in police custody,was among the 19 who failed to make the trip.the officer,however said,''we couldn't ascertain his claim.we are still looking at the probability of him being part of the network of traffickers.''  a kerala police teamis camping in delhi to investigate the case. among those who allegedly joined the trip are the sons of saraswathi and sundaralingam.while the couple lives in ambedkar nagar colony in delhi,their  sons have grown up in tamilnadu sources close to the couple said that sundaralingam,who was aware of his sons making the trip,had second thoughts and rushed to kerala to persuade them to abandon the plan,but had failed to fo so.besed on the police's preliminary investigation,it turms out that all the people who were to board that boat  reached kochi after january 4.''the ones from delhi flew down to chennai  and from there,they took the rail or road route to reach kochi.'' said a senior officer asspciated with the probe.he added that all of them stayed in different places in kerala.including guruvayur, cherayi,munambam and chottanikara.however ,neither police nor coastal intelligence agencies or the local people had any clue about the plan.''the first tip-off was about the several bags that had been abandoned.

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